Friday, October 28, 2011

Phone dump Friday.

Some photos from our week...


1. This boy is growing more and more confident everyday, I love watching it happen.
2. Blast from the past! Had to buy these, and see if they were still the same as when we were kids... they are!
3. Impromptu trip to the pet shop... equals one mesmerized wee girl.
4. Homemade club sandwich from the Mr - was yummy!
5. Guy flying up and down the beach in his little para sail hovercraft thingy... with a massive audience watching.
6. Siblings playing nicely together... this is happening more and more, thank goodness.
7. Hyperactive puppy at the pet shop... we did not take him home, as much as Miss begged.
8. Fish and chips above our beautiful beach.
9. Our beautiful beach... wont be back to original state for a long long time, but it's looking much better.

Will add photos later of our victorious All Blacks - we won the world cup, woohoo!

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