Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas wrap up.....

Christmas is over, and my house is overrun with new toys and copious amounts of chocolate and biscuits!



We had 3 Christmas celebrations this year, our first with my Mother and Step Father in law. Then we went and stayed a couple of nights with my parents. And on Christmas day, the plan was for all of us to go to my Father and Step Mother in law's place for the day.
Well that plan didn't work out because I was sick. So I stayed home, while the kids and the Mr went on with our original plan! They didn't leave here until 12pm, so after they left, I relaxed, watched Something Borrowed, and read my book, amongst going through boxes of tissues and taking Neurofen and Panadol every few hours!

I was sad not to have lunch with the kids, and catch up with our extended family, but thought to myself, at least I am here, and able to see my children celebrate Christmas, unlike the beautiful, inspirational, Natalie. She was one amazing woman, who has inspired women all around New Zealand. Love and thoughts to Greg, Jackson, and all of Natalie's family and friends.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, full of love, laughter and happiness! Now onto the New Year, here's to a brilliant 2012!

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