Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Heart Swells.....

When I see how much my kids adore their dear Poppa. He came to visit yesterday, Miss 3 ran out to meet him and give him big bear hugs. We went and picked Mr 5 up from school and he ran to Poppa when he spotted him, telling all his friends that his Poppa had come to pick him up, with a big, beaming smile. I love that my kids have such a wonderful relationship with their Grandparent's, I have wonderful memories of spending time with my Nana and Poppa. It's awesome to see that carrying through with my two monkey's!

Poppa always spoils them, and yesterday, took them to The Warehouse to buy a treat, and then to Burger King for a happy meal. It was nice to hear the kids chatting away to Poppa, telling him about their days, and random stories too.


I hope your Thursday is going well, off to do the school run now, and battle the traffic!

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