Monday, April 9, 2012

A review..... Busby Pure Tissue Oil


The facts:

Busby Pure Tissue Oil is a clinically proven face and body oil, formulated to improve
the appearance of
•Stretch Marks
•Ageing Skin
•Dehydrated SkinRich in Vitamin E, Busby combines a unique blend of naturally derived Avocado,
Grape Seed & Rose Hip oils to nourish and revitalise skin.
• Natural source of Vitamin A & C, Omega 3, 6 & 9
• Suitable for sensitive skin and use during pregnancy
• Easily absorbed and non greasy

Busby Pure Tissue Oil is gentle yet effective to use on all skin types.
Using natural ingredients, the oil penetrates, without irritating the most sensitive of skin.

My thoughts:

This wee gem was left on my door step a month ago, and I was quite excited to tear the package open and start using the oil. When I opened the packet, a wonderful scent hit me, and a small information booklet fell out. The information booklet was clear, and had everything I wanted to know in it. I was excited to start using the oil, and decided to use it each night after my shower. I have done so for the last month, and found a great improvement on the scars and stretch marks on my stomach and upper thighs. I found that it went on nicely, and didn't leave a greasy feeling on my skin. My skin feels smoother and it has made my stretch marks and scars a little fainter. I like the fact that is has a pump top that makes it easy to use. I will definitely carry on using the Busby Pure Tissue Oil.

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